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Angie Carr CD "Manifest"

Angie Carr CD "Manifest"

Angie Delight Carr has a Masters Degree in Music from Western Michigan University. Angie Carr has played professionally for over 11 years and has performed at Carnegie Hall and the Grand Hotel in Michigan, to name a few. Angie plays keyboards and saxophone, and has a beautiful voice. Her CD "Manifest" is one in a series of her original songs. She has a special touch of Aloha to that you will hear in the skillful mastery of the keyboards and vocal range.

Songs on the CD

1. Fragile Heart
2. Memoir
3. Naked Without Eyes - Listen
4. Deny My Blood
5. Beyond The Moon
6. Love Song
7. For You
8. Again
9. Piano Suite
10. Wish
11. Inside
12. Cannot Contain


Angie Delight Carr - Manifest


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