Orchid Hawaiian Marriage Ceremony

by Reverend Dennis C. DeRego


Procession: (Music)


Let us take a moment to be aware of all the beauty around us, taking in a breath of air, and listen to the sounds of nature, as the waves come up on the shore and the gentle breeze caress our face, feel the harmony of this island.  We are all part of one, and we call upon the love that is ever present to bless this special day.



Onaona I ka hala, E ka lehua oia na ka noe O ka’u no ia, e ano’I nei, Ea li’a nei, ho’I o ka hiki mai, A hiki mai no ou kou, a hiki pu no me ke Aloha e Aloha e.  The “oli Aloha” is a chant, which offers a word of greetings.  It says, in part, “that, this is the sight for which you have longed”.  Now that you have come, love has come with you.


Aloha Aloha ka kou and welcome to all


Hear the words from an ancient Hawaiian Marriage chant:

There was a seeking of the loved one, and now it is found.  A mate is found.  One to share the chills of winter and the warmth of summer.  Love has made a plea that you two are to become united here in Hawaii, Hawaii  is a perch, a perch in to the Heavens.  You two are now to become one.  For the day is here at last!  You are to be wedded.  The prayer and chant has gone its’ way.



Aloha (Bride) and Aloha (Groom)  We are here to celebrate your marriage, on this very special day of (Date).  That you have chosen to affirm your love for one-another with spoken words, (Music), (prayer) and with the sharing of vows and giving of rings.  Aloha Nui Loa, welcome with much love to you and all of your family and friends that have come together  here at the beautiful (Place) (Location).  Every experience you have ever had, everything you have done, everything you have ever learned, has brought you to this moment.  As you stand before these witnesses you take each other as husband and wife, you confront the future together, promising to stand by each others side, to face new experiences as husband and wife, always growing together, honoring, respecting and cherishing each other through all life has in store for you.  (Groom) and (Bride) you bring individual strength and weaknesses to this marriage, but as you stand together as couple, you will compliment each other, and be exactly what other needs, as your love and commitment continues to deepen throughout your married life.  This is the most significant moment, the moment you will give yourself to each other and you will have been made complete, and happy because of your deep assurance of your love for one-another.


Lei Exchange: (Optional)

In Hawaii we exchange leis as a symbol of our love.  The beautiful crafted lei with all its hand picked flowers and twine, carefully bonded together with love, is a reflection of your love and Aloha that you share for one-another.  As you exchange these leis you will begin to weave your lei in life with love throughout eternity.  May the exchange of these leis be the new beginning of your lives together and now we ask for the blessings of life so we may open our hearts to the ways of love and now, with loving Aloha, please present your leis to one-another with a smile and a kiss upon each others cheek.


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Joining of Hands:

Stand with Aloha.

With your hands together as one you stand with Aloha, your love so strong, and yet so tender and free.  As your hearts beat as one, your thoughts are beautiful, as your eyes meet, there is no doubt, your lives have touched, and throughout all eternity, the beauty shall be there, as sure as the Makani (wind), as sure as you Ma’lama (care), as sure as you Aloha (love), the breath of life.



As these ocean tides ebb and flow, so, to, do the fortunes of life.  Footprints in the sand are washed away, driftwood moves on its’ endless quest for a peaceful harbor.  Only a deep and abiding love can withstand the tides of change in two lives.  Your love, shall be enduring and profound and we have gathered here to witness this love and the vows and commitment you will make here today.


Declaration of Consent:

(Groom/Bride) do you give yourself to (Groom/Bride) this day with complete joy and love and promise to be a true and faithful (husband/wife) and promise to comfort (him/her), respect (him/her), cherish (him/her), for all the days together on this earth?

(Groom/Bride) “I Do”


As the sun light smiles on you today, and your hearts beat as one, you will share the Spirit of Aloha, your joy is indescribable as you take each other as husband and wife, promising to be true and faithful in all of life’s circumstances as you face them together.


Marriage Vows:

I (Groom/Bride) take you (Groom/Bride) for my wedded (Wife/Husband), to love and cherish for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, from this day forward, with all of my Aloha and Love.


Exchange of Wedding Rings:

As long as time can be remembered, the ring has been symbolic, of the completed bond.  The ring is without beginning, the ring is without end, the ring is without end, the ring goes on forever.  Circles of Life, Circles of Love, these rings are given and received as tokens of never ending Aloha.


Blessing of Rings:

Hiki ka haku ho’omaika’ike’ia mau komo ke’la’ oe hau’olu mehe kou ho’ailona o aloha a la ahia amene”.


Ring Vows:

(Groom/Bride) as you place this ring on (Groom/Bride)’s finger I ask that you repeat these words; “This ring is my sacred gift to you, a symbol of my Love, a sign that from this day forward and always, My love will surround you, With this ring I thee wed”.






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Hawaiian Blessing:

No ka mea, ua aloha nui mai e Akua I ko ke ao nei, nolaila, ua haawi mai oia I kana keiki hiwa hiwa, I ole e make ka mea mana oio ia ia, aka e loaa ia ia ke ola mau loa.  Amene.


May the gift of love that has flourished in you spread Love to all, and by doing so, giving you everlasting life.



(Groom) and (Bride), you are united as husband and wife and go forth on your journey together.  May you be a comfort to each other, share each others’ joys, console each other in sorrows, help each other in all of life.  Care for each other truly and deeply putting your commitment before all else.  Live for your love and your love will live forever.


May you trust each other.  Trust life and not be afraid, and may you be given the gift of memory of this moment, and this day forever.


May you always share with each other the gifts of love and be one heart and always beautiful of mind, and may you always create a home together that puts in your hearts love, generosity and kindness.



May peace and unconditional love surround you and remain with you now and forevermore.


And so by the power vested in me by the State of Hawaii

I now pronounce you Husband and Wife

You may seal your vows with a kiss.




















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