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Jamie Lawrence CD "There is Love"

Jamie Lawrence CD "There is Love"

Jamie Lawrence, a native Hawaiian singer guitarist with the voice of an angel, is one of the best known and respected Hawaiian musicians on Maui. Jamie can be seen at various restaurants or clubs in Maui.

Picture yourself there amongst gorgeous ferns and tropical flowers. He begins with "Ua Noho Au a Kupa", a traditional Hawaiian love song. Guests begin to gather and chat. Some come straight from the beach, others are dressed for resort dinner it makes no difference, you'll fit right in.

Songs on the CD
"There is Love"

1. I Will Be Here - Listen
2. I Will
3. Maunaleo
4. The Wedding Song (There Is Love) - Listen
5. The Water Is Wide
6. You've Got A Friend
7. Fallen
8. Wandering
9. The Rest On Your Life
10. When You Say Nothing At All
11. You Can Close Your Eyes
12. Goodbye My Friend
13. Ka WaiLehua 'A'ala Ka Honua


Jamie Lawrence - There is Love


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