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Your Wedding Photo Slideshow

We have taken the photographs that you have selected and made them into a professional high resolution DVD slideshow. The Flash video you see (left) is a low resolution video made from this slideshow, it is not representative of the high quality product you see on the DVD. Your Wedding Slideshow DVD is playable on any DVD player and is customized to regular TV size or widescreen TV (depending on your equipment).

Your DVD is available for purchase (price depends on the size), and this Flash video for web use can be mailed to you at no extra charge. You can host it on your server and send it to your friends and relatives.

DVD Pricing: Includes Free Web Show!
28-32 Photos __________$175
33-40 Photos__________ $200
41-48 Photos__________ $225
49-56 Photos__________ $250
57-64 Photos__________ $275
65-72 Photos__________ $300
73-80 Photos__________ $325
81-88 Photos__________ $350
89-95 Photos__________ $375
96-105 Photos_________ $400

Watching this DVD slideshow is infinitely more entertaining than flipping through your photo album. You will find that you´ll want to watch it over and over and share it with everyone you know! Order your Wedding Slideshow on DVD today! Just call us at 800 368-5502 and we will be happy to send it right out to you.

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