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Tarvin Makia and Ron Kuala´au CD Tunana

Tunana - Hawaiian Melodies - Tarvin Makia - Ron Kuala´au

Our favorite Hawaiian musician, Tarvin Makia, and a Ron Kuala´au play some of Hawaiian most beloved melodies in this 15 song CD just released. Listen to songs that will definitely take you back to the islands. Tarvin Makia has been playing professionally on Maui and elsewhere for a quarter of century. This mastery of Hawaiian music is not surpassed. Tarvin and Ron play and sing in perfect harmony in this beautifully composed CD. Other notable contributors are: Jah-na Ung - vocals, Keli´i Taua - Hawaiian song lyrics, Sam Ahia - guitar, Ross Ka´aa - steel guitar, Kealii Seabury - ukulele / guitar, Tom Conway - guitar, Alal Villaren - guitar, Jay Molina - 5 string bass, Rob Tsuhaku - congas.

Songs on the CD

1. I'm Gonna Write A Song For You
2. Makena - Listen
3. I Share Your Smile
4. Ka Pua Nani
5. Walehu Rain
6. Trust My Kiss
7. Ui´ Come To Me
8. If You Wanna Release Me
9. Where Were You
10. For What I Love You For
11. Love For Love
12. Message From My Heart
13. He Ma´i O Kalani
14. Don´t Be Strange To Me
15. Hula Lady


 Tunana - Hawaiian Melodies - Tarvin Makia - Ron Kuala´au


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