Hawaiian Flower Leis

The Lei has long been the symbol of Hawaii. Ever since the Polynesians came to Hawaii they have been making these beautiful leis from fresh fragrant topical flowers and giving them to each other as a sign of respect, honor and love. All of our wedding packages include some sort of leis for each of you to exchange with each other as your Aloha (love) for each other. It is also traditional to exchange leis with your family and relatives, as well as a great gesture for all of your guests... it really makes them feel like part of the party. Here we are showing a variety of fresh Hawaiian leis available for your ceremony. We have also indicated which leis are best for which members of the wedding party or family. For example, the Maunaloa Orchid Lei is traditionally given to a mother or grandmother. Don´t forget to give leis to your family and friends at your wedding. Also see our Lei Etiquette page so you will know how to give a lei, why you give a lei and what special rules there are about the giving and receiving of the Hawaiian flower lei.

Tuberose Lei

White fragrant tuberose flower lei, a single strand for a guest´s lei $20.00

Also available in two strands, a bride´s lei $40.00

See a single strand tuberose lei

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Tuberose Lei

See a Regular Maile Lei

Maile Leaf Lei w/ Pikake, Orchid or Tuberose Wrap

Traditional green open end Maile Lei. Without the wrap a groom´s and best man´s lei $65.00

Also available with a tuberose, pikake or orchid wraps a groom´s lei $125.00

Maunaloa Orchid Lei

Unique island Maunaloa style lei from orchid flowers. Beautiful and very hardy, a mother or grandmother's lei $56.00

See a photo of a Maunaloa Orchid Lei

Maunaloa Orchid Lei

Haku Head Lei

Haku Head Lei

The haku head lei can be made with many types of flowers, vines, leaves or seeds, arranged and woven together. The haku is most often worn as a head lei. A bride or bridesmaid´s Head Lei $65.00

Crown Flower Lei

Crown flowers come in lavender or white. This lei has no fragrance. A guest lei or used to wrap with a Maile or other leis $20.00

Ilima Lei

Thousands of paper-thin ilima flower petals of yellow-orange are carefully strung together to create this spectacular lei. Available during the summer months. A special guest, bride or bridesmaid lei $30.00

Micronesian Style White Ginger Lei

Micronesian Style White ginger flowers strung together just prior to blossoming. Very fragrant, the mother´s lei $55.00

Ginger Lei

Cigar Lei

Orange colored Hawaiian flower lei Also available in pink and purple A father´s or grandfather´s lei $56.00

Orchid Lei

The Dendrobium orchid lei is the most popular flower in Hawaii and are available in purple, white, and lavender. A guest's lei $20.00

Ti Leaf Lei

Island traditional Ti-leaf Leis are popular and used today for any occasion. Worn by ladies, men and children. The kahuna, the healing priest, traditionally wore a ti leaf lei as> an emblem of high rank and power, and a metaphor for strength and courage. It will keep away evil spirits and bring good luck. A guest or bestman´s lei Regular Ti Leaf Lei $20.00 Maile Style Ti Leaf Lei $70.00