Traditional Hawaiian Wedding Oahu - $2595

  • Minister of your choice
  • Marriage license Arrangements
  • On-site Coordinator
  • Decorative Wedding Certificate
  • Witnesses if needed
  • Deluxe Traditional Hawaiian Leis
  • Cascading Bridal Bouquet
  • Musician Singer/Guitarist
  • Conch Shell Blower
  • Hula Dancer
  • Professional Edited Video
  • Deluxe Professional Photography
  • 24 Images on a CD
  • North Shore Beach Location
  • Add some of these additional services
  • Oahu Map

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A wedding in ancient Hawaii was always full of great fanfare. Royal Kahilis (handmade feather standards, a symbol of Hawaiian royalty) were carried in a procession. A conch shell is blown in all directions to summon the Gods and begin the ceremony. Musicians and the beautiful language of Hula tell the story of the couple in song and dance. Our Traditional Hawaiian Wedding includes all of the royal ceremony of ancient Hawaii.

The procession begins with the blowing of the conch shell. Kahili bearers, minister, Hula dancer and the joyous couple proceed from a small alcove to a beautiful North Shore beach at sunset as guests await the procession.

The ceremony begins with the playing of the Hawaiian Wedding Song as the Hula dancer performs for you. Besides the Hawaiian Wedding Song your musician will play two songs of your choice during the ceremony - and another after the ceremony.

Our ministers are non denominational and marry all faiths. Our associate minister is Reverend Jofrey Rabanal, who performs an authentic and touching Hawaiian ceremony. If you wish, we can put you in touch with any of our ministers prior to your ceremony.

Your flowers are the Traditional Hawaiian wedding flowers. Maile leaf lei wrapped with fragrant tuberose flowers for the groom, and a three strand pikaki lei, tuberose lei, or woven white ginger lei and beautiful deluxe cascading bridal bouquet for the bride. If you wish we will substitute other flower leis you prefer which match your color scheme. You may also order a variety of bridesmaids bouquets, nosegays, corsages, hair flowers, Haku head leis or boutonnieres at an additional cost. Just let us know what your needs are and we´ll be happy to arrange it for you.

Your deluxe photography includes pre-ceremony, ceremony, formal and candid shots after the ceremony. Your photography package includes 24 images on a CD. Your photographer will take a number of shots of which you may choose the final 24 for your CD.

Your ceremony is also professionally videotaped and edited into a quality video production, including your choice of beautiful music to complement the video.